Mitch Meadors Jr.: Mandolin, Vocals

Mitch with Gibson HOFMon #10

Luke Montgomery: Banjo,Vocals

Luke with Davis Princeton prototype.

Brennan Hess: Bass, Vocals

Brennan with 1942 Kay M1

When a person is surrounded by music and musicians from birth, it is a near certainty that music will be a large part of that person's life.  Brennan Hess is a case in point.  Growing up in Adams County, Ohio, Brennan grew up in a musical family. His mom, uncles, cousins, grandfathers, and grandmothers all played music, so it seems only logical that he would do the same, and he has. He plays guitar, bass, sings all the parts, and does some engineering at 7flat studio with me. He is a tremendous asset to the band and everything else he is involved in.